Ready-Mixed Concrete

Lujabetoni is a reliable, high volume provider of RMC in Finland, Sweden, and Russia. Our strong contribution in research and development enables us to supply both standard and customized RMC with a variety of additives to provide high quality concrete for all customer needs.

We provide the best customer support and project planning in the industry, combined with efficient logistics and pumping services.

Our innovations goes beyond the product to benefit the customer. Luja SmartConcrete is a real-time concrete humidity tracking system based on IoT sensors and fully wireless cloud service.

Lujabetoni special ready-mixed product range:

  • LujaFlow 20/60- superflowable flooring concrete for 20mm to 60mm toppings
  • SuperBridge concrete – very fast drying concrete, fulfilling practically every EN concrete requirement class
  • Waterproof concrete system – with guarantee
  • High strength concretes – up to C100
  • Self-compacting concrete
  • Frost proof concrete for freezing temperatus
  • Pigmented concrete in various colors

Floor product range:

  • All standard floor concretes
  • Very Rapid Coating concrete
  • Easily Leveling concrete – our own special flooring concrete
  • Fiber concretes with steel and plastic structural fibers

Structural concrete product range:

  • All standard concretes
  • Fast drying concretes
  • Slow drying concretes
  • Seaming concrete for horizontal precast elements seams
  • Bridge construction concretes