Luja Group in Brief

Luja is a third generation family-owned business and has been operating in the construction industry since 1953.

Today Luja Group is one of the largest construction companies in Finland with more than 1 900 employees and an annual turnover of over 800 million euros. Luja Group consists of three companies: the building and construction expert Lujatalo, concrete product manufacturer Lujabetoni, and cement-based dry product manufacturer Fescon. Lujabetoni runs international operations as Lujabetong AB in Southern Sweden and Prefabmästarna Sverige in Northern Sweden.

Luja values were created in 1953

Focusing on the customer, as well as avoiding excessive risks, makes Luja a reliable partner in construction.

Continous development

Continuous development, new products and spelialized R&D are Luja’s keys for better customer service.

Leadership with participation

We work as an integrated team, and together we will succeed.

Customer is #1

Efficiency and profitability

We strive for best-of-industry operations, leading to solid profitability.

Family business in the third generation

With over 65 years of experience.

Feliks Isotalo, the founder of Luja came from a small village Alahärmä, the home of the legendary folk tales in Finland. The former farmer, policeman and seller of agricultural supplies from Ostrobothnia founded Lujabetoni in 1953 building it into a successful company with his strong will and determination.

Feliks Isotalo was an developer of concrete products and machines. He could “sniff” customer needs and was able to introduce pioneer products of its time into the concrete market. With hard work and by his own example, Feliks Isotalo created Luja values that set the ground for the company’s growth. In the 65 years Luja has grown into one of the largest construction companies in Finland.