Prefabricated concrete elements for tower of wind turbines

We are Finland’s only manufacturer for prefabricated concrete elements for tower of wind turbines. Elements are manufactured at our Kärsämäki plant, where new production facilities  will be completed in the summer of 2023. Facilities are purely for the production of tower elements. The production of the elements will start as soon as the factory investment is completed and the delivery of the elements for the first wind turbine will be in late summer 2023. Manufacturing tower elements is very demanding and they have extremely high quality requirements. Our extensive competence guarantees the successful outcome of these high-strength concrete elements. Lujabetoni’s first element solution is a hybrid concrete-steel tower based on Nordex’s technology, with a pole height of 168 meters. One wind turbine tower has 27 concrete elements of varying sizes, the largest being 5.5 meters x 20 meters and weighing up to 60 tons.

 As the power and yield expectations of new power plants increase, the requirements for higher towers also increase. It is believed that hight towers built as hybrid structures will become more common and Nordex’s technology is very competitive in these towers. However, Lujabetoni has the capabilities to also manufacture tower element solutions tailored to the needs of other wind turbine operators.

Wind power as a renewable energy source supports Lujabetoni’s responsibility policy, and through wind power cooperation, the company can boost its own sustainability goals. Also, the rapidly changing world situation and the energy shortage are now directing energy production in the direction of renewable energy sources.

Based on information from the Finnish Wind Power Association, wind power construction is now more intense in Finland than ever before, and wind power plants are being built at a record pace. Currently, the number of projects completed and under construction reaches the peak power limit of 5,000 megawatts, but there is room for growth in onshore wind power, up to a peak power of 45,000 MW and thousands of new wind turbines (based on project data).

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