Precast Elements

We provide precast concrete elements for a wide variety of uses from multistory residential buildings to large commercial facilities and special infrastructure use.

Working in collaboration with the customer from the beginning of a project, we can find a the most cost efficient solutions using the leading tools for project management and 3D modeling. Lujabetoni can also provide a full scale of erection and site services.

Our product range includes

  • Columns, both round and square with all dimensions
  • Beams, prestressed and reinforced
  • Wall panes with wide range of architectural surfaces
  • Compact walls
  • Hollow core slabs
  • Shell slabs
  • Massive slabs
  • Double T slabs, Luja SuperTT slabs
  • Balcony slabs
  • Luja Superslab, prestressed slabs with integrated bathroom installations
  • Luja elevator shafts
  • Luja technical shaft elements with integrated installations: air, water, plumbing, electricity